A training for practitioners, coaches, healers and those interested in learning a truly holistic way of healing the body.

🔐 Are you ready to find root cause and treat it so healing occurs on all levels, not just from the physical?

🔐 Are you wanting to fill the gap that was never taught in college / uni in relation to mind-body-spirit connection?

🔐 Do you desire to have the knowledge and expertise of someone who establishes phenomenal rapport, uses impeccable language and finally treats the root cause on any level for any client that comes to you for support or healing?

🔐 Do you want to feel confident in what questions to ask, how to tune into your client’s energy and keep your “stuff” out of the picture while you help someone heal.

🔐 Have you ever had the fear you’ll burn out if you truly embrace your healing self and help people?

Imagine being connected to yourself, feeling vital, energetic, relaxed and nourished when you see clients in your business. 

So many times, practitioners, healers and coaches have said to me that they wished they had the confidence, knowledge and expertise I have.

And the wait is OVER!


Connecting the dots of multiple modalities and thousands of clients over two decades of experience in mind-body-spirit medicine, in this Quantum Health course, you will be guided over 4 days towards your most healthy and vibrant self. 

This embodiment will carry through to your clients and loved ones. 

They will notice the change in you, and you will be able to help people far more easily than ever before because you’ll have accessed & alchemised your own healing during the 4 days.

Learn how to be medically intuitive, create accurate treatment plans that work fast, and amplify what you already have inside of you by overcoming the thoughts & beliefs that once held you back.



This is for you if:
> You want to be confident to help the person in front of you using more than physical methods of diagnosis.
> You're ready to access and deepen your medical intuition.
> You recognise supplements, food and herbs are important, but there's far more to someone's healing and you'd like to be able to offer that in your business as a full health transformation experience.
> You're done with the reductionist "take this for that" method of prescribing.
> You're open to a truly holistic way of finding root cause and helping people innately heal in their own way.
> You believe you're here to deliver more than what you were taught in your uni degree and what the current science suggests.
> You want to upgrade your business and become known as someone in the health and wellness space.
> You're ready to shift the way you speak to your clients so they actually commit to the suggestions and get phenomenal results.

Alchemise, heal and liberate patterns / emotions that have kept you stuck so you can rise to your full human potential.

We kick off the 4 days in July 2024 on the Gold Coast!




PAY IN FULL $1997 (save $500)

PAYMENT PLAN $415 x 6 monthly payments (totals $2490 over 6 months)



Hi, I'm Amy Mingin!

A world renowned naturopath, holistic coach, wife and mother. After studying and working in naturopathic medicine, I began to search for more root cause therapies. I could get to the place where I could highlight the emotional or spirit level blocks for someone’s dis-ease and I lacked the skills to integrate them at the time. I was getting profound change in my clients and then when they stopped taking herbs and supplements, they would spiral back into their old patterns of ill-health.

I studied NLP, hypnotherapy, yoga, meditation, neuroscience, breathwork and somatics all whilst lecturing, creating online courses and running my busy women’s health clinic.

Quantum health was born through the dot connecting of these multiple modalities, noticing subtle changes in my clients and following my own inner guidance. 

I believe the way for humans to heal is to firstly, feel safe in their body, then they are able to deal with any trauma. The body will match emotional health with both body and spirit, for the access to highest potential. (higher self)

I love animals and have a deep connection to nature. Many of the words for this course have happened when in nature. It is a pleasure to deliver them to you.

Quantum refers to the space within the space. It’s the energetics of life. It is where pure potentiality resides. 

Imagine being able to change your vibration and therefore your reality of time, emotion, the physical body and any dis-ease that may be showing up for you. 

This what is possible when you learn the techniques within QUANTUM.

It is where science, philosophy, neuroscience and energetics interact. 

Quantum healing is based on the idea that at the fundamental level of reality, everything is made up of energy and interconnected through a web of energy fields. In quantum physics, it is postulated that subatomic particles can exist in multiple states simultaneously and are connected via quantum entanglement.

Imagine being able to influence the world in the most positive way through the application of Quantum Health as a modaility.

Gain valuable knowledge & experiential skills that will assist in your self healing journey as well as your clients. 

6-9 July 2024, Gold Coast


I want to thank you so incredibly much for all the learnings and especially at Quantum Healing 🤯🤯 WOW WOW WOW! I am so grateful to be learning from who I consider, the best in the world in their field! Favourite part, the Gate Technique, holy sh*t. This will be life changing for so many of my future clients.


What an absolutely AMAZING day it has been! Amy, thank you SO much for delivering such a fantastic day of Quantum Healing 🌟🌟🌟 Wow, who knew we are capable of so much with the power of the mind, awesome to see!


Quantum Healing was phenomenal! Highly recommend. 🤩🤩


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PAY IN FULL: $1,997 

PAYMENT PLAN: 6 x $415 monthly payments 

Hayley Cullen - Life and Wellness Coach

I attended quantum healing practitioner training through Amy Mingin and I can honestly say it completely transformed my life and my coaching techniques. Amy is extremely knowledgeable around all things quantum, holistic health, the nervous system, business and so so much more. I am extremely grateful for everything that Amy has taught me which I now get to give to my clients. My clients and I both benefit from these learning and teachings. Amy's presence is very calming and I immediately feel calm and regulated within her energy field. I'm very excited to be on my learning journey with Amy as my mentor/teacher in these fields. I completely trust in Amy and know I'm absorbing many many years of experience and learnings from Amy herself. I'm excited for the next level of quantum training! For myself and to be able to take back to my clients who are also on their own healing journey.


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