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Holistic Health Sessions

Who is this for?

  • You've tried lots of things yourself.

  • Diet, exercise, tests, practitioners, doctors.

  • Now you're actually ready for true change.

  • You're in the position to put yourself first and let go of the struggle that health used to be.

  • You're ready to commit to your long term health and wellbeing.

How do the sessions go?

We discover exactly what have been your blocks to health.

Treating root causes at the mind, body and soul level. For some, it feels like a form of magic, as you finally have an answer through an 'out of the box', dearmoured, being fully seen and heard way.

What can I expect?

  • Zoom sessions monthly
  • Access to practitioner quality herbal medicine and supplements
  • Evidence based nutrition suggestions and plans that bring you fast and long lasting results.
  • Optional in between appointment check ins & message support.
  • Functional testing for hormones, gut and intolerances.
  • DUTCH testing.
  • Accessing your highest version of health and wellness.
  • Education and empowerment to make great decisions for your long term health.
  • Support for emotional and mental wellbeing.
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"I've worked with Amy Mingin in
the past 3 months and lost 12kg. When I had a plateau, we tweaked a few things and the weight started to come off again. I walk 10k steps each day and do 3 weight sessions a week. I love the new habits I have committed to.

I still want to release another 8kg or so and I know doing what Amy tells me, works. Awesome side effects: getting my hormones in order, no more cravings or period pain."

Jen Demiri

"I have suffered with really bad dandruff for YEARS! For as long as I can remember! Because my hair is so thick! If I don't wash my hair every 2nd night my scalp is so itchy and painful! Since I changed my health habits with you my dandruff is gone"

Tina Williams

"I've been working with Amy on my health. In less than 8 weeks I'm feeling more connected, I'm enjoying intimacy more, I'm more in my body than in my head, my energy is flowing, my hormones feel like they're finally stabilising. I actually feel happier and more confident. I'm excited to keep going now. I've also released 5.6kg and I've also had a successful cycle where I wasn't depressed on the floor crying wanting to give up 3 days before my bleed. I was stable the whole way through!"

Kirsty Mason



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